Dave Jones Quartet

Dave Jones "Jones is a gifted melodist. The sturdy melody of 'Afro Celtic' and the lovely, effervescent melody of 'Wexford Tune', for example, sound somewhat like traditional folk tunes, and the melody of 'The Metro' is positively entrancing. The musicianship also delights."
Trevor Hodgett, 'R2' magazine Sept/Oct 2012

"An absolutely beautiful new album from the Dave Jones Quartet … its called 'Resonance' … the track you heard there is called 'The Metro' … that is great"
Mike Chadwick, 'The Cutting Edge' on 'Jazz FM' 22/07/2012

"There's a lightly stepping, cinematic charm to pianist Jones's outstanding compositions here, especially those featuring the Mavron String Quartet"
Phil Johnson, The Independent on Sunday 29/07/2012

Resonance - click here to listen to samples and read reviews of Resonance