Dave Jones Quartet

Some of Dave's compositions, namely 'Funkerama', 'Ubermeister', and 'Ultimate Victory' (hear them and others below, and purchase them on iTunes and Spotify) were recently featured on US TV in "Late Night with Seth Meyers", "The Big Bang Theory", and the Golf Central channel respectively, and 'Quiet Reflections' was featured in a Mexican TV drama called"Las Aparicio".

Another of Dave's compositions, 'Urban Cool', was recently featured several times on UK TV in Channel 4's "Location, Location, Location", and the track "NYC Jam" has had media usage in France.

"There's a lightly stepping, cinematic charm to pianist Jones's outstanding compositions here, especially those featuring the Mavron String Quartet. The catchy opener, 'The Metro', could be the score to a stylish French thriller, while '5 to 3 on Friday' suggests 1960s social realism"
(Phil Johnson's review of 'Resonance' in the Independent on Sunday 29/07/2012)

"Jones is developing into a very interesting composer"
(Duncan Heining, Jazz UK Aug/Sept 2012)

“… a first rate composer capable of coming up with inventive and memorable themes”
(Ian Mann, www.thejazzmann.com 30/06/2012)

As well as composing for the Dave Jones Quartet and Trio albums, Dave offers broadcast-standard compositions from a purpose designed, acoustically treated studio, using synthesised sounds, samples, and loops, in different styles, and for a variety of different client purposes.

In early 2013, Dave signed a contract with 'The Gold Leaf Music Library', to produce new compositions for high-end TV and Film projects (some of these compositions are featured below as audio clips).

International Songwriting Competition 2014 semi-finalistDave is also available for commissions (please use the contact page), and he has recently taught composition on the 'Soundtrack' module as part of the new 'Creative Sound Production' MA course at Swansea Metropolitan University.

Dave has reached the semi-finals of the International Songwriting Competition for the 2nd year running, this time in the instrumental category with 'The Metro' from the Dave Jones Quartet 'Resonance' album, chosen from over 18,500 entries.

Click here to view a recent composition for a video soundtrack.

Equipment List:
Software - Logic, Kirk Hunter Strings.
Hardware - Adam monitors, Korg SV-1, Studiologic Acuna, Roland D-50, Yamaha SY- 85.

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  Urban Cool
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Walk in the park
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  Ultimate Victory
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Quiet reflections
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  NYC Jam
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